Customize VTiger/SugarCRM

Extend you CRM to suit your needs

    For businesses that are looking to expand in a big way and demand high performance, Unicomtech offer the following to suit your specific needs

  1. Modification of existing features
  2. Addition of new features
  3. Integrating the CRM with other applications

PHP Development

We are a leading PHP development company located in India. We have a strong presence in Web application, development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Open CATS(Applicant Tracking System) and CRM marketing in Chennai, India as well as in USA, France, New Zealand and Malaysia. Our developers are technically proficient in designing and developing world class PHP application and software and other business solutions. Our ultimate focus is to launch our creative projects around the globe.

Reseller of

We are Authorized Reseller for provides rediff hosting, Domain Registration, Business Mail service.

Your website should certainly be the most important asset in your e-business. A well-chosen design and content of your Web generally draw the attention to the customers and keep them busy in your site results a more traffic generation and success in your business and finance. The design should be user friendly enough so that user can feel free surfing your content. If you are selling a product by your site, the content should be attractive and user should be able to understand what you convey. The image you use or the color of your front page can be the determining factor for your success in online marketing. Moreover, after design and develop, you need to optimize search engine so that maximum traffic generation can be possible.

Referring to the above stated reasons, whether you are looking for a professionally designed website or software development or a business solution to optimize your search engine, we have a handsome package for you with a reasonable cost. We have exceptionally skilled team with us (24/7 hours) to design, develop and serve in a globally accepted portfolio. Our result-oriented, highly scalable work will assist you to attain a higher degree of success within a very short time.

    Here is a simple snapshot of what we generally offer for our valued customer with an affordable cost:

  • User friendly custom Website design and development to ensure your acceptability in the competitive e-market
  • Business solutions for effective search engine marketing programs to augment your visibility in the on line market and thus secure your business.
  • Target more users to your site to enhance your financial gain.
  • Valuable services for your e-business with low cost as compare to others
  • A clear and professional redesign of your desired website
  • Java Web, Perl, PHP, CGI Web, flash or graphic Web design, develop and hosting